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McAfee is an old last name that takes its origin from Ireland and Scotland. McAfee is actually the anglicized name for Gaelic Mac Dhuibhshíthe, which means Dhuibhshíth's male child. This last name has reportedly been in Ireland since the 17th century.

McAfee History

As per the historical facts go, the very first family that went by the name McAfee resided in the ancient Scotland kingdom of Dalriada. McAfee was, back in those days, used as a byname for people having dark features and tranquil disposition. The Clan's Gaelic term is Mac Dubhshithe. The literal translation of the name is black one of tranquility. One of the Clan's brand, situated in the North Uist island was referred to as Dubhsith. The term meant black fairy.

What is the origin of the McAfee family

The primary record of the surname was detected in the Isle of Colonsay. The surname is amongst the oldest Daldriadan last names. The records during the rule of Alexander II of Russia have mentions of this last name.

When it comes to the McAfee family, John McAfee, a computer specialist, created a line of security software called McAfee. McAfee activate programs are popular amongst users across the globe.

McAfee Variants

Translation of Gaelic last names during the medieval era was not really a perfect process. The spellings were not standardized, and the surnames in the records of that period are full of different variations. Here are some common spelling variations:

  • Maffie
  • MacFie
  • MacFee
  • MacPhee
  • MacCuffie
  • Maffey
  • McFey
  • MacDuffie
  • MacGuffie
  • MacPhie
  • MacDubhshithe

McAfee Family Crest

McAfee Family Crest, also referred to as the coat of arms, was brought to life several centuries before. The procedure of making the coasts of arms started in the 11th century. However, a type of Proto Heraldry might have been into existence in a few nations before this, such as Ireland. The contemporary Heraldry art was much more formal, and because of this, families, along with individual members of families could have their personal family crests and coat of arms. This included the McAfee successors.

Popular McAfee Descendants

  • Andrew McAfee - Andrew McAfee is a Harvard and MIT alumni and presently co-directs the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy.
  • George McAfee- George McAfee played professional American football. He was a part of the Chicago Bears team and went to Duke University.
  • John McAfee - John McAfee is a computer programmer who founded McAfee Associates. McAfee Associated is a company that dealt with McAfee security suites. This popular security suite protected devices against a horde of threats. Apart from its robust and comprehensive protection, it is also easy to install and activate McAfee.
  • Robert Breckinridge McAfee- RB McAfee had a long and promising military and political career. He was also a great writer and maintained a detailed journal of his war days.
  • Preston McAfee- Preston McAfee, born in 1956, is a popular economist and a former employee at Microsoft. He has published a number of articles and has won several awards.